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Robert Ginsberg wrote an extensive history of the International Social Philosophy Conference and the North American Society for Social Philosophy in the late 1980s.  His manuscript is available here(TBA).

Past Presidents

Creighton Peden, 198? -1990

James Sterba, 1990-1995

Iris Young, 1995-1997 (co-president)

Alison Jaggar, 1995-1997 (co-president)

Joseph Betz, 1997-2000

William L. McBride, 2000-2005

Alistair McLeod, 2005-2010

Margaret Crouch, 2010-2015

Sally J. Scholz, 2015-2019


International Social Philosophy Conferences

*For a list of the book award winners, please visit the Book Award Page

1st International Social Philosophy Conference held in #### at YYY in XXX, “ZZZ.”

Keynote speakers:

[WORK IN PROGRESS – Please send old programs to President]


2nd International Social Philosophy Conference (August 7-10, 1985)

Colorado Spring, Colorado

Conference Co-Chairs: Creighton Peden (Augusta College) and James Sterba (University of Notre Dame)

Keynote Address:

  • James Sterba, University of Notre Dame, “How to Make People Just”

Guest Speaker:

  • Elizabeth Wright Ingraham, Architect “Frontiers”

1985 Program


3rd International Social Philosophy Conference (June 4-6, 1987)

“Social Philosophy and the United States Constitution”

The University of North Caroline, Charlotte

Keynote Address:

  • Creighton Peden, Founding President of NASSP, “A Nineteenth Century Constitutional Social Philosopher: F.E. Abbot”

1987 Program


4th International Social Philosophy Conference (August 16-19, 1988)

Sommerville College, Oxford, England

Conference Co-Chairs: Creighton Peden and John K. Roth

Keynote Addresses:

  • Robert Solomon, University of Texas at Austin, “The Feelings of Justice”
  • Gordon Graham, University of St Andrews, “Autonomy and the Illegality of Drugs”

1988 Program


5th International Social Philosophy Conference

Program information needed.  Please check your NASSP files to see if you have a copy!


6th International Social Philosophy (August 9-12, 1990)

University of Vermont

1990 Program


7th Annual ISP Conference (August 8-11, 1991)

“Celebration of the Bi-Centennial of the Bill of Rights”

Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Conference Organizer: Iris Young

Keynote Addresses:

  • David Lyons, Cornell University, “Rights Revisited”
  • Anita Allen, Georgetown Law Center, “Philosophy in the Novel: The Jurisprudence of Jane Eyre”
  • James Nickel, University of Colorado, “The Rights of Indigenous Peoples”
  • Alison Jaggar, University of Colorado, “Telling Right from Wrong: Feminist Practical Dialogue and Moral Epistemology”

1991 Program


8th International Social Philosophy Conference

We are pretty sure the 8th was in Ahmedabad, India,  Winter 1991-92.

If you have the program or any information about it, please send it to the president!


9th International Social Philosophy Conference (July 30-August 2, 1992)

Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina

Conference Organizers: James Sterba (University of Notre Dame), Rosemarie Tong (Davidson College), Joseph Betz (Villanova University)

1992 Program


10th International Social Philosophy Conference (August 17-20, 1993)

University of Helsinki

Keynote Addresses:

  • Frederick Ferre, The University of Georgia, “Making Waves: On the Social Power of Ideas”
  • Richard de George, University of Kansas, “International Justice”
  • Stephen Toulmin, Northwestern University, “Country/People/Nation/State”
  • Mary Mahowald, University of Chicago, “Gender Justice and Genetics”
  • James Sterba, University of Notre Dame, “Environmental Justice”

1993 Program


11th Annual ISP Conference (August 4-7, 1994)

University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Conference Organizers: James Sterba (University of Notre Dame), Peter Wenz (Sangamon State University), Craig Walton (University of Nevada – Las Vegas)

Keynote Addresses (sponsored by Matchette Foundation):

  • Eugene Hargrove, University of North Texas, “Environmental Ethics and the Problem of Environmental Newspeak”
  • Peter Wenz, Sangamon State University, “Nuclear Power and Human Oppression”
  • Karen Warren, Macalester College, “Environmental Stewardship: An Ecofeminist Philosophical Perspective”
  • Leslie Francis, University of Utah, “When are Expectations Legitimate?” (sponsored by UNLV)

1994 Program


12th Annual ISP Conference (1995)

13th Annual ISP Conference (1996)

St. Norbert’s College, DePere, Wisconsin

Conference organizers: Cheryl Hughes, Tom Digby,and David Duquette.


14th Annual ISP Conference (1997)

Conference Organizers: William Aiken and Larry May

1997 Program


15th Annual ISP Conference (1998)


16th Annual ISP Conference (1999)

Villanova University in Pennsylvania

Conference Organizers: Joseph Betz and Sally Scholz

Keynote speaker:

  • Lucius Outlaw

1999 Program


17th Annual ISP Conference (2000)

Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Conference Organizers:

Topic: Communication, Conflict, and Reconciliation

Keynote speaker:

  • David Dyzehaus, University of Toronto, “Amnesty, justice, and Reconciliation: Justifying the Truth and Reconciliation Commission”
  • David Gauthier, University of Pittsburgh, “A Society of Individuals”
  • Presidential Address: Joseph Betz, Villanova University, “The Study of Massacres”

2000 Program



19th Annual ISP Conference held at University of Oregon in Oregon.

Topic: Society, Embodiment, and the Environment

Keynote speaker: Catriona Sandilands

Book Award:

Program: 2002


23st Annual ISP Conference held at University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia .

Topic: International Law and Justice

Keynote speakers: Will Kymlicka and Allen Buchanan

Book Award:

Program: 2006


25st Annual ISP Conference held at Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania.

Topic: The Public and the Private in the 21st Century

Keynote speaker: Anita Allen and David Schweikart

Book Award:

Program: 2008


26st Annual ISP Conference held at University of Portland in Oregon.

Topic:Gender, Equality, and Social Justice

Keynote speakers: Margaret Urban Walker and Claudia Card

Book Award:

Program: 2009


27st Annual ISP Conference held at Ryerson University in Toronto

Topic: Poverty, Markets, and Justice

Keynote speakers: Thomas Pogge and Debra Satz

Book Award:

Program: 2010


28st Annual ISP Conference held at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

Topic: Freedom, Religion, and Gender

Keynote speakers: Harry Brighouse and Jodi O’Brien

Book Award:

Program:  2011


29st Annual ISP Conference held at Northeastern University in Massachusetts.

Topic: Civic Virtues, Divided Societies and Democratic Dilemmas

Keynote speakers: James Bohman and Azizah al-Hibri.

Book Award:

PDF: 2012


30st Annual ISP Conference held at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Topic: Food

Keynote speaker: Paul Thomson, Lisa Heldke, Chris Lowry, Gaile Phlhaus, and Beth Sperry

Book Award:

Program: 2013


31st Annual ISP Conference held at Southern Oregon University in Oregon.

Topic: Power, Protest, and the Future of Democracy

Keynote speaker: Thomas Christiano and Akeel Bilgrami.

Book Award:

Program: 2014


32st Annual ISP Conference held at William Jewell College in Missouri.

Topic:  Education & Social Justice

Keynote speakers: Lorraine B. Code and Nel Noddings

Book Award:

Program: 2015


33rd Annual ISP Conference held at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Topic: Power and Public Reason

Keynote Speakers: Gerald Gaus and Noelle McAffee

Book Award: Paul B. Thomson, From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone

2016 Program


34th Annual ISP Conference held at Loyola University, Chicago

Topic: Justice: Social, Criminal, Juvenile

Keynote Speakers: Tommie Shelby and Lisa Guenther

Book Award: Tommie Shelby, Dark Ghettos: Injustice, Dissent, and Reform

2017 Program



Additional history of the organization is being collected by the society President, Sally Scholz.  Please send any documents, recollections, or other useful information.


Call for Papers

CFA – 35th Annual International Social Philosophy Conference

Thirty-Fifth International Social Philosophy Conference Sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy with the Department of Philosophy, Oakland University, Rochester, MI July 19-21, 2018 Proposals in all areas of social philosophy are welcome, but special attention will be devoted to: Health, Well-being, and Society Some possible paper topics …

Member Announcements

AMINTAPHIL 2018 Conference on Democracy, Populism, and Truth

AMINTAPHIL 2018 Conference on Democracy, Populism, and Truth August 16-19, 2018 Boston University, Boston, MA Due Date: June 30, 2018 We invite submissions for the 2018 biannual conference of the American Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (AMINTAPHIL) on the topic of Democracy, Populism, …


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Social Philosophy Today Call for Submissions

CALL FOR PAPERS   Congratulations once again on your recent presentation at the 34th Annual International Social Philosophy Conference at Loyola University Chicago.  Papers presented at the conference are eligible for consideration for publication in Social Philosophy Today.   Although all the articles published in Social Philosophy Today are based on papers presented …


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